About the Gallery

Cheryl Pelavin Fine Arts LLC was a unique institution in the contemporary art world. Started by Cheryl Pelavin in 1981, Cheryl Pelavin invited artists into her print studio to collaborate on the creation of unique works on paper and limited edition prints. Pelavin, ultimately, focused almost exclusively on monotypes because in the 1980's most artists were re-examining the boundaries of expressionism in painting. Monotype was a natural format for these young and emerging artists. Each piece was unique, and the technique of monotype was almost the same as painting. At first Ms Pelavin, who was a master printer and etching artist herself, made limited edition prints with her artists. It soon became apparent that to achieve the fluidity that she was seeking monotype would have to take the place of copper plate etching.

Of all the small shops that were able to thrive in the environment of the time, Pelavin's shop was the only one to focus on monotype, and to make it an accepted part of the print world. In the early eighties both emerging artists' prints and the unique print were suspicious and most publishers worked with known entities.

The eighties, nineties and the first years of the new millennium provided healthy markets for this work and much of the art was placed in collections as it was made. It was a heady time for emerging artists.

In 1997 Cheryl Pelavin, upon the urging of one of the artists she worked with, opened a gallery dedicated to the primary works of her published artists, as well as new artists. Most of the art was painterly, with the occasional sculpture and/or installation exhibition. Whenever a monotype suite was possible it was shown produced and exhibited along side of the primary pieces.

We are now Cheryl Pelavin, with a new director, Todd Masters, and a new group of exciting emerging artists. Although we are no longer making monotypes, they become more precious by the day as we place them in collections. We feel we are continuing the tradition of CPFA by searching out fresh talent and putting our attention on new visions by emerging artists.

I invite you to visit the gallery in person, sign up for our e-mails as well as visit us!

—Cheryl Pelavin, 2017