Gregory Crane (1951) Ruins w/Grove & Canal, 2002 Oil Monotype w/watercolor 33 1/2 x 24 1/2 inches GC-081

Works from Pelavin Editions Inventory Available
FRIDAY, JULY 29, 2012

Thanks to a sudden upsurge in business I have had to renovate this website, which is a good thing. I can remove sold works and add new works, which I was not able to do for about two years.

Happily works by Susan Amons, Andrea Belag, Katherine Bowling, Deborah Brown, Chris Costan, Daisy Craddock, Ford Crull, Valentina DuBasky, Gregory Crane, Robert Janz, Marc Katano, Judith Linhares, Judith Miller, Michael Reafsnyder and Barbara Schwartz have all found new homes.

I get calls from my clients asking me if any of the prints I used to have are still available, and the answer is YES! I still have a beautiful inventory, carefully and lovingly stacked in my flat files.

There is some confusion about my new venture, “Masters & Pelavin”. This is a new gallery totally managed and directed by Todd Masters; I am a director emeritus, which means I get to do other things! At the same time the gallery is at 13 Jay Street and I get to enjoy the tremendous pleasure of meeting new artists and being a part of a new art venture, which is always good for the spirit.

Todd has his own program of artists and exhibitions, separate from my print and (small) painting inventory. I changed my business name from Cheryl Pelavin Fine Arts back to Pelavin Editions, as it was called before I opened my gallery. I am still in touch with my artists and if there is interest in painting we can do studio visits.

I want you to know that I am still here at the same address and telephone number and would love to see you or send you a selection for your projects or collection. For any of my inventory please do call me directly.

Here are just a few samples of work in the drawers:

Andrea Belag (1951) A Romantic Science II, 1990 Monotype 47 ½ x 31 ½ inches AB-019

Ford Crull (1952) Soccoro, 1999 Monotype 38 x 29 ½ inches FC-203

Katherine Bowling (1955) View #1, 2000 Monotype 34 x 30 ½ inches KB-097

Lawrence Gipe (1962) Untitled, 2006 Monotype 30 x 22 ½ inches LG-064

Valentina Dubasky (1951) Red Core/Spotted Orchid, 2001 Monotype 35 ½ x 31 ½ inches VDB-335


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